Break the Rule!!! Sometimes at least

At least, once or twice!!

Yeah, it’s okay to break the rules, whatever it says, just break it and feel the joy of broken things.

It’s okay if they are broken, it won’t cost you anything, even if it does, who cares, pay them or run away.

Just for a day, break the traffic signal and be the one, everybody looks at!

Just for a day, go to office and tell your boss, “I am not in a mood to work today” and leave.

Just for a day, ask someone out and have fun the way you want.

Just for a day, call strangers and try to convince them, you know them and they know you too.

Just for a day, visit a hospital or orphanage just to see how people are surviving.

Just for a day, go to police station and tell them any fake story and lodge a complaint.

Just for a day, send a birthday card or anniversary card to someone you know very well and do it anonymously, and let them smile whole day.

Just for a day, prepare food for your cook or maid and have it together.

Just for a day, be a new guy in the city and ask people for a ride with them.

List goes on… Make your own list, and tick once done.

How many of them are costing you so much that is not affordable, these are few things that brings you close to yourself, the best way to know you.

Yes, it’s kind of dare if you can do it that way, but here no one is watching you, no one would judge you even if you do it right or wrong. Doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is, YOU

So, do it for yourself, and do let me know, if any of these you achieved, or anything else can be added in the craziest list.

12 thoughts on “Break the Rule!!! Sometimes at least

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      1. lol… this made me think of a saying that’s in this bar where I’m from “free drinks tomorrow” one patron came back supposedly “tomorrow’ for his free drink… lol the rest is history…

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  1. This made me laugh… The rules I want to break would have life long repercussions… so I stick to coloring outside the lines and driving in the oppsite direction of one way streets (when the coast is clear of course) ☺☺☺

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