Leaf 🍃!!!

Why do you throw me out ? A broken leaf asked to its tree.

Because your time was over, replied the tree rudely.

Leaf: How do you decide that ? You don’t even bother to ask me ?

Tree: I am the one who give you a life so I have the prerogative to remove you whenever I feel, your time’s up.

Leaf: Ohh, it’s all about you then, I didn’t know this, I thought we are together. We also help you to grow, and make you able to become fruitful.

Tree: That’s because I provide you all the ingredients to survive, I take this from earth, process it and then only you take birth and able to breathe.

You are nothing without me, screamed the tree arrogantly.

Go away…you no longer belong to me.

Leaf was sad and down and accepted the reality that it doesn’t belong to tree anymore.

Tree was doing it because it has to give birth to another leaf 🍃,it has to make place for the new born leaf, this was difficult to understand by a broken leaf, so tree did all that so rudely. It has to do it and maintain a natural process. So sometimes it’s done by rudely or sometimes with kindness.

Life goes on similar way, people come or go, stay or leave, love or hate, all based on their need. Once they think your time’s up, they remove you from their life or go away from you, It’s not a big deal. It happens. It’s a part of the life. Ultimately they are creating space for someone else to take place, for them and for us as well. We both are getting new space so that new stories can be written, new life can be begun, new hope can be born and new heart can be felt.

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