A Date on a Phone 📱A Plan!!!

📝Chapter one 1⃣

Whether we admit it or not, nowadays it’s very popular thing going among the youth. A phone date! 😊

When we talk about youth then I am also one of them, so I am also eligible for it. No, I am not here to criticize or against the latest trends. I totally support it. Even I am doing it too. 😊

So, story begins…keep guessing…

It’s been a while since I have been involved in any patch ups or breakups. It’s almost two months, quite a long time huh!!! My parents are worried now and they desperately looking for a bride now, they have been sending so many pictures of girls over phone and ask me about my choices.

Hey… One sec please.. It seems arrange marriage right ? Yeah yeah, it is arranged, after two failed relationships, I am not in a situation to find or hunt for the love.

No, my parents are not against the love marriage, they do support but somehow it didn’t work earlier so they kind of arranging this with bit of a love.

Have you liked anyone ? They asked.

Yes, there is one girl who looks nice as an appearance wise, looks simple, looks graceful, looks kind of my type. I replied to them. Ohh great then we will talk to her family and will take it further.

But I don’t know her at all, I admitted. No worries, will arrange a meeting with her and then decide. But it’s a long distance so my parents decided to have meeting over a Phone. 📱

Yes, they told me that they had a conversation with her family and their family is okay to have this meeting.

My father, gracefully gave my number to her and her family and specifically asked her to call me and have a nice conversation and told her to get to know each other better 😊. Then he called me and said She or her family would be calling you anytime soon, so just relaxed and talk to them nicely and properly.

Yes, He calls it a Date on a Phone. My father My Hero!!! a liberal thought came to my mind.

Okay, will do. I said with bit low voice.

Did she call you ? After two days my dad asked me. No dad, I haven’t got any call from her or her family.

To be continued…

For the second chapter, please click below :

A Date on a Phone 📱 Wait & See!!!

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