A Date on a Phone 📱 Wait & See!!!

📝Chapter two ✌

Did she call you ? After two days my dad asked me. No dad, I haven’t got any call from her or her family. I responded.

Okay, they might be busy or didn’t get suitable time to talk to you, no worries son, they will call you definitely. He admitted confidently.

If you want, I can call her and talk, I said to my dad. He said, No dear son. It’s not like that. It’s not about we can call them or not.

I actually want her to take the first step and see how she approaches you. It would be a proud moment for her if she would call you and converse with you about her and ask something about you, it needs a courage for the first time. I would like her to break the shell and come out of it. That’s why I insisted her to call you.

“Quite a empowering thought my dad has”.

I agreed and said okay, I will wait for her call and let you know about it.

It’s a Wednesday and after two long days of awaiting, finally at 9.20pm my phone rings with an unknown number. 😊

Oops, it’s missed call, or did I miss it ? After coming back from kitchen, I noticed. It was on silent mode so couldn’t hear the ringing, generally I keep my phone on silent whole day, no explanations, I just like it that way. I was just holding the phone and thinking to call back 🔙, Suddenly phone rings again.

I picked up the phone and got the familiar voice, “Why are you not picking up the call”? My sister shouted from the other side. I was like husssshh!!! I was in the kitchen, so couldn’t hear the ringing, I explained. We as usual talked about regular stuffs and she was telling me about some kind of celebration they had, I was not listening properly and just nodded with her. Okay, I said and almost finished our talks and hung up the phone.

What am I thinking ? Am I expecting a call from her tonight ? What’s happening with me ? Why am I awaiting for a call ? It never happened to me before ? Why am I thinking so much ?

Okay, leave it. Don’t expect anything, will see what happens next. I put my phone on ring mode and go back to kitchen. 😊

@9.55pm, I heard my ring tone….

To be continued…

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