Shades of Light !!! Happy Diwali 🎊

Festival of lights enlighten you when you light up the lamp in your Heart.

Today is Diwali, an Indian festival of lights, which is celebrated all over the world with lighting up lights and festivity in the air and warmth in the heart. Specifically in India, where we can see shades of beautiful lights and colors, the glow of the night seems so wonderful and sharing happiness together with family and friends.

Lights also have hidden shades underneath. We couldn’t see because of the brightness outside.

What do you do when you want to see something in your room and it’s darkness all around ?

You light up the lamp or something which can beat the darkness at that moment of time.

Similar way, when you see darkness in your heart which is drowning you down and you want to see a ray of hope then just light the lamp in your heart and make sure you would survive the moment. This is just a shade of light which you realize in the darkness.

The picture depicts the amalgamation of lights and colors with darkness.

Life is also amalgamation of happiness, tears, joy and sorrow. Express everything along the way.

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