A Date on a Phone 📱 the Conversation!!!

📝 Chapter three ⚟

At 9.55pm, I heard my phone rings again. Out of curiosity I ran in to the room to get the call. Oops it’s missed call again. Ohh Man!!! I truly didn’t understand the meaning of missed call. “Is the person really misses us or he wants to have a conversation with us ?”.

It probably means “Hey Dear, I am really missing you, could you please call me back”.

Wait??? This is not the case of missed call nowadays. I thought, someone tried to call but couldn’t make it to the end.

Hey, I can check whose number is this, being a techy guy so far, I murmured. I turned on the internet pack and started to look for that number if I could find something?

Ohh it’s her number, after name appearing on the mobile screen, I nodded. But why missed call ? Should I call her back ? She might be a little worried about and wanted to talk tonight ? Lots of thoughts running in my head. Surprisingly and finally got the call from her again.

Hello, She said. Who’s this ? Knowing about her, being a sophisticated guy, I asked. It’s me “Priyanka” she responded. You might be knowing that, I have been told by your father to talk to you and have a conversation with you. Okay, being nervous though, showing up a bit confidence, I responded.

So, How are you ? She asked. Not thinking of so much, I answered, I am fine thanks. How are you doing ? I asked. Actually I was a little bit nervous before making this call, however I am okay now, feeling good now, she replied with the sigh of relief. Okay great let’s continue then, I responded.

After a long and meaningful conversation ended, I realized it’s been two and half hours we have been talking to each other. How come have we managed to talk this much at very first time ? After having conversation, a deep thought came in my mind. It never happened before. Yes, I had a conversations with others but not that deep and meaningful.

We did promise to each other to talk again sometime, it was real and amazing. I felt like an unknown bond between the two of us and realized some kind of strange feelings that were gripping my heart.

This was wonderful conversation I have ever had, realizing it’s been almost 12.00 AM in the mid night, I went inside my room and had dinner.

Before I go to bed, a thought lingers in my head.

Was it an end or a beginning ?

To be continued…. 😊

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  1. Unexpected things happens when you least expect them. As always nothing is permanent in Life than Change. Change is necessary. I am happy for you. One step at a time , keep moving.
    About writing ..Great draft, real and engaging.

    Liked by 1 person

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