A Date on a Phone 📱 the Challenge!!!

📝Chapter 4⃣

Was it an end or a beginning ?

Pondering over this thought quite a long time now, Naah!!! I don’t know, I am not sure, I am not ready yet, I need time, I am still thinking so much.

It’s been 11th day now, no conversation, no communication, no indication, neither a phone call nor a single text. Nothing Happened, No expectations from both of us. Life is running smoothly. Being in a tech world and in spite of all fancy gadgets we carry today, of no use. I amused and said.

Sunday spent well, thinking of what a wonderful day I had, I took a chair out to the balcony and made a nice cup of coffee ☕ for me like a CCD style. Yes I know now, how to make coffee like them as one of my friend “Nishant” who knows it, shared his wisdom with me a while ago.

Amidst the social media updates check & enjoying every sip of the coffee, My phone starts vibrating, I noticed and checked. “it’s her name on the screen”. OMG she finally called, the wait is over. I don’t want it to be a missed call again, picked up the call quickly and said “Hello” with a bit loud voice.

Hello, she acknowledged, being resentful and bit of anger in her voice, she said “You might not have time to call so I thought, I should call you”. I was stunned and got totally blank to respond. It’s not like that, I gathered courage and responded.

I could understand her anxiety, but it was from both sides. Sometimes it happens, when we expect others to reciprocate first and then those stories never get 2nd Page 📄.

So…. What’s up???

We continued to talk and got to know about her bit more and her stories, quite amusing. I smiled. Then she asked about me, and here I am waiting for this question since quite a long time. I also started with my so-called boring story and told her everything. I admitted sighingly.

OMG, you got relieved. She said amusingly. True, I responded. Both smiled and started laughing. 😊

So what next ? She asked promisingly. No idea at all, I said.

Would you be able to trust anymore? She asked profoundly this time. No idea at all, I responded with same answer. I understood, she replied.

Okay, no worries. I won’t be giving you any advice or any big talks about it. However I challenge you. She spoke with bit loud voice.

Challenge!!! ??? I asked surprisingly.

Yes, it’s a challenge. I will get back your trust. She said intensely. Whoops, that will take time, I said.


“Challenge Acknowledged”, I amusingly told her 😊. Okay, it’s quite late now, I have to go office tomorrow and wrapping up our topic we ended conversation on a good note.

Something just started right there.

What was it? I was continuously thinking about her challenge. What is she talking about? What’s on her mind? What is she expecting?

A dilemma begins….

To be continued…

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