A Date on a Phone 📱 the Dilemma!!!

📝Chapter 5⃣

the Dilemma begins…

Dilemma??? Ohh yes, something might have happened in your life as well where you find such kind of situations and still try to figure out the way out of it.

That’s called Dilemma. This always hold two ✌ things together, they can be anything, either ✌ best things or ✌ worst things to choose from.

Whenever there are choices, Dilemma appears. There is a saying :

Best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

Between best and worst??? , no its not like that, this is not choosing between best and worst. It’s all about doing something at least.

Should I accept her challenge??? Pondering over her exact words, She is quite confident about her challenge. I nodded.

A little spark ✨ of love just started burning 🔥. I could feel her warmth in her words and it soothes my heart ♥.

Strange and Strong feelings are all around me. This is not my first time, still gripping my heart, an unknown is trying to know you. Something is trying to define you, someone is trying to overpower you, I am overwhelmed by the fact that she is thinking of me and wants to heal my life.

Suddenly, all positivity disappeared and a negative thoughts enter in my mind.

What if ???

What if history repeat the same chapter again?

What if something went wrong?

What if it didn’t work?

Would you be able to stand by her side in every situations ?

Would it be your last try?

Would you be able to move on?

Amidst all these lingering thoughts in my mind and behind the shield of all the emotions, my heart ♥ skipped a beat.

Life flashes before my eyes 👀

Hold on!!! I shouted in my mind and everything is still now. A calmness all around.

When it comes to choices, there are no right ones or wrong ones.

Thinking 💭 of this quote, A deep breath and leaving everything behind I have decided to talk to her.

It was 7.18 pm, I texted her “Hie, If you are available tonight at 9.00, please let me know I have to talk to you”. I felt relieved a bit.

After 35 mins, I got a text from her “Okay”.

Waiting for clock to strike 🕘…

To be continued…

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