A Date on a Phone 📱 the Friendship!!!

📝Chapter 🕖

Life goes on. I heard a voice coming from unknown.

I don’t know if we had any rule or pact or something, both of us never talk to each other during weekdays, not even a single text message we share. May be we don’t want to disturb each other? Or we are keeping distance on weekdays so that when we talk on weekends, that conversation would be full of zeal, passion and love.

I was thinking all this before making a call to her today, as it’s been 7 days we have talked 🌴.

However, Every time we talk, it takes us to an another level.

Somehow we have a kind of pact that we will be talking after having dinner so that conversation can be stretched if required. 😊 This was her idea or you can say her enforced rule on me, as I had missed dinner once because of our talk, from then, she makes sure both have had dinner. 😊

Kahte hai, rules hamesha kaid karte hai. Magar usme tu bhi ho shamil to kya baat... 😊

Amidst all these thoughts, I dialed her number, and conversation started.

So, what happened??? I asked deliberately. Nothing, she responded shyly. So did you go to my home? I asked.

Yes, the very next day, I told papa that we had a call 📞 and you asked me to visit your home asap. So papa agreed and took me to your home with mom as well. That was my first official meeting with your family, she continued. I was very nervous and very eager to know about your so called “Answer”, she stated with adding bit of humor in it. 😊

Why are you like this??? She asked intensely and amusingly.

I smiled and said “You will get to know”. 😊

OMG… She responded bewilderedly.

Both laughs.. 😊

So how’s my family? I asked.

Every family is nice, so nothing to worry about it, your papa knows me very well so he talks to me and was telling me about your family and relatives. I was only nodding with agreement like every one does when they are officially meeting for the first time. She smiled and said. 😊

Okay, you must have enjoyed it. I laughed and said.

Actually, I felt better after talking to them as well. And now I am not at all afraid of anything as I got to know you as a friend and your family. Our weekly talks helped me a lot. She smiled and continued, so now we should make it official right?

Official??? I asked surprisingly.

Our Friendship should be official now, she responded with a smile in her voice.

I think, we have already become good friends. She said and continued, so I was thinking this relationship will start with a friendship. She ended her sentence.

So would you be my friend??? She asked.

Yesss… I nodded quickly not thinking about anything.

To be continued…

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