A Date on a Phone 📱 the Meeting!!!

📝Chapter 8⃣

After all conversations, all decisions, friendship, bonding and relationship and all considerable facts, here we come to a point where we should meet. Right?

Are we meeting now??? No No.. It’s not about our meeting after all that has happened till now.

This is about our parents meeting now. The final decision maker of our Home. 😊

So you might be wondering about our 1⃣ 2 1⃣ meeting, have we met yet? Have we seen each other yet? Have we gone on a actual date rather than conversing over a Phone? This is what you’ll must be thinking 💭 right?. 😊

Yes, the casual meeting has already done, it happened just like a conventional way, girl comes with tray full of tea or coffee. Boy does all the possible way to look at her and shyly takes a cup ☕ and smiles.

It’s a known thing to every one, I don’t have to explain each and every thing. Right? Why are you smiling now ? ☺

Yes, it happened. 😊

Let me come to the point, our parents decided to meet at my home and going through all the procedures, like horoscope match, calling pandits and asking them, how our future life would be? It’s all required you know. Not because we like to do it, it’s because we feel satisfied and complacent. After all our heart should also agree and at the end of the day, Heart matters. 😊

There is a problem, says one pandit after looking at his booklet which he carries always. What happened? My mother asked as she is more concerned about it. She believes in it. With this name of the girl, horoscope is not matching. Pandit ji responded raising his voice.

What can we do pandit ji ? Is there anything we can do to match them ? My mother asked intensely. Yes, pandit ji replied. You have to change the girl’s name if you want this marriage to happen along with that we will do few rituals which are required. He paused.

After getting this solution, everyone got relieved and family discussions started. “we should go ahead as both of them are happy and like each other”. “This things should not matter now as we have seen enough of it” “We all want this relationship to happen” concluded by everyone pleasantly.

So, pandit ji, you suggest, what would be the name of the girl now? Her parents asked.

“Koi acha naam batao, naye zamane ki tarah” [Suggest a good name as per this new generation], her mother shouted.

Arnika” How’s it? Looking at the booklet pandit ji asked.

To be continued…

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