A Date on a Phone 📱 Are we sure???

Chapter 8.1

You must be wondering, where have I been these days? Where is this story heading? What have happened after that? Has there any family issue arisen ? or pandit ji done something wrong?. 😊

Everything is fine. Nothing to worry about. It happens when you and your story run together holding hand in hand.

So here I am writing chapter 8.1 an interim one before a big and important announcement 📢.

Earlier, I was like, quite comfortable with what was going on and whatever has happened. I enjoyed each and every moment thoroughly and hope it will continue forever. 😊

So here it goes…

Being a guy, who is in a long distance, short term relationship. It’s very difficult for you to make your mind up to that level and decide if that relationship would flourish or not?

Before pandit ji make an announcement 📢. I was wondering if is that all what I was looking for? Is that all what I was wanted? Am I sure about this relationship? Should we go ahead?

Somewhere, deep down in my heart ♥, I am getting positive vibes and a bit of confidence. I am happy for it.

It’s frightening at the same time. 😊

Quite mixed emotions, yet it’s good for me. I told myself.

I should ask her as well before any official announcement 📢. I was thinking about it and decided to call her up and ask.

Are we sure ???

I asked after few minutes of talking. Why are you asking like this ? She said anxiously. It’s just, I want to clear out things between us. I said hurryingly.

What things? She raised her voice and asked.

Nothing like that. I just wanted to ask you.

Are you Happy???

Yes, I am. She nodded confidently and continued.

It’s just not about a question of happiness. I truly felt it that way during whatsoever time we spend on call or off call. She responded promisingly and asked me back 🔙 emphasizing the same question.

Are you happy???

Yes. Me too 😊 I smiled.

Okay… Happy to hear that, just wanted to ask so I did. Now I am feeling good. 😊

Not talking too much, after few more minutes we hung up the call 📞.

And that night was so composed. I was unable to sleep not because of any anxiety.

It’s because of, she overwhelmed me.

To be continued… Chapter 9 would have big announcement 📢 for sure. So keep reading. Keep smiling. Remember, life is awesome. 😊

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