A Date on a Phone 📱 Save the Date!!!

📝Chapter 🕘

Arnika” How’s it? Looking at the booklet pandit ji asked.

Everyone smiled and said yes, this seems to be a nice and lovely name.

Let’s keep this name on the paper for her and with changing name only for the wedding, if everything is good and can be managed then let’s talk about the date. My father said.

The Wedding 💒 Date!!!

Everyone nodded by looking at pandit ji and asked.

“Koi acha sa Muhurat batao!!!”(Suggest the best wedding date now).

Listen, we don’t want too much gap in the date, as considering past experiences, please make it as early as possible. Probably one or ✌ months from now. That’s it.

Hum jyada time wait nahi karenge. (we don’t want it to be delayed anymore)

My father stated bit louder.

Okay, pandit ji nodded and started looking into his booklet for a date.

After 20th of January to November end this year, is the very auspicious time for both of them to get married. All the planets and chakras are in a right position and this would be a good sign for them, stating this along with clear explanation of his so called knowledge about planets and Astrology, pandit ji took a pause.

That’s nice, my father said with smile.

However we don’t want any date after summer, so please check if any dates are available before summer. We want this marriage to be happen very soon.

Because, the more we stretch, the more it will loose,with his heavy voice, my father commented.

Giving few numbers to Mars, the planet 🌏 and considering Moon’s 🌙position, calculating stars ✨, I don’t know what he did exactly but he made everyone believe in him and his vidhya (knowledge). He was working on his Numerology while Everyone looking at him so poised and curious about what’s gonna happen and eager to know the date.

I think, February month would be so much better for them and this would be the earliest I can find as per their stars ✨. He stated confidently.

Great, everyone got happy and excited, asked quickly to him. so what’s the lucky Date?

Pandit ji smiled and said with joyously.

Save the Date Now!!!

It’s 18th February 2018.

To be continued… 😊

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