Steal your life!!! travel diary…


What to do when you just arrived in Goa in the morning.. Goa is a happening place where tourists come across the world. There are a lot to do. There are so many things to do list 📃.

However that list is for those who are coming to goa for the first time. For the first time, you have to cover all attractions and all to do list which is goa known for.

1. Beaches to cover.

2. Water sports to do.

3. Forts to cover.

4. Market to roam around.

5. Church to visit.

6. Night life, clubbing.

7. Old Goa visit.

8. Casinos for gambling.

9. Sunset & Sunrise.

These are probable list which are considered in the things to do. However what if you are visiting Goa 3rd time. Do you want to go through the same list which you have already covered or visited???

My answer is Big No No…

This is totally up to you what to do next. As if we have done something we actually know what was better and what do we want again. If I have to choose then first of all I have decided to go solo. That would be totally different experience as you don’t have to plan the trip. Whatever you feel like doing you can do it. Whatever you loved the most you can repeat this time. What If you don’t want any of these things to repeat???

At first, book a 🏖 Beach resort. Choose a beach which you like the most and that should be kind of secluded as in you can find peace of mind, serenity, Tranquillity and calmness.

Secondly, discover a hobby hidden inside you. It may be photography, singing, playing any instruments, writing, reading or anything you find worth trying.

Thirdly, follow what your heart says to do and feel the emotions and enjoy every moment of your life ☺ I did follow all these to get best out of this trip.

Dona Florina Beach 🏖 Resort. Candolim Beach Goa.

D Mellos Shack,Goa.

These two are the best places if you planning to go solo.

Photography 📷 and Writing 📝.

These two are the best hobbies to spend my time to the fullest. 😊

Sunset, what I look for, is the most beautiful time I have ever spent and felt connected.

TRY it. TRAVEL solo is awesome!!!

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