First Rain ☔

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Around 7 am in the morning, I was almost ready for school 🚸. After having my cup ☕ of tea, just checked outside of window. It’s raining papa, it’s raining outside, I shouted so that he can hear it properly and say NO to school.

No luck it seems…

Yes, he heard it rightly and asked me to wait, he went inside store room, brought one black color umbrella in his hand giving it to me and said in his heavy voice, take this umbrella ☔ and go carefully. I said “Okay” in my grumpy voice.

Happy OR Sad… Quite unknown feelings…

I started walking in the rain ☔ and somehow got bit wet and shoes full of water, I managed to reach my school as it was not too far from my home 🏡.

When I see my classroom, couldn’t find many students, then I saw, my class teacher was heading towards me. I greeted him and he asked me to check out the class. Only 5 students in the class, I responded. Okay… When at least 10 students come then do let me know will take your class. He asked happily and went to the staff room.

I was just standing outside my class, wrapping up my wet umbrella ☔ by looking at the rains, not feeling too good, it just happened something, I could barely see someone outside because of heavy rain ☔

I could only see the color of umbrella it was red. Someone was coming towards the class. Gradually picture got clearer and I am able to see. It’s her. I recognized her, She is in my class.

Hiee, She said looking at me. I smiled and responded “Hi”. Why are you standing outside? or Where is our sir? She asked. I told her everything I discussed with our class teacher. Ohh it’s awesome. That means there is no class today yepiee… I could sense the level of happiness in her voice and her smile. 😊

Now I was feeling bit better. At least not regretting coming to school in such heavy rains. Why did you come to school in such heavy rains? I asked. Actually my father dropped me outside school while going to his office 🏢, wrapping up her umbrella she responded.

Both standing outside the class waiting for the class to begin however not a single student of our class showed up after that. We had quite good conversation while waiting.

After some time, she looked at corridor where water was overflowing at the corner and asked me, Hey let’s sail paper boat 🛥 there.

I couldn’t expect this from 11th standard girl, being childish but cheerful, What would I say, I just nodded and followed her. She took the paper out and asked me, do you know how to make paper boat 🛥? Yes, of course. I took the paper and made paper boat and gave it to her. Her smile was cute, I noticed while she was looking at the boat.

She kept the boat on water and smiled joyously. Yepiee, it’s floating. I felt that. I felt something that day. I could sense the blissfulness. I could sense the rain. I could sense the love.

First love is always like First rain. It floats through your heart forever.

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