A Date on a Phone 📱 the Wedding!!!

Final chapter 🔟

Yeah… Here I am standing in front of the mirror looking right into my eyes.

Finally, the day has come. It’s 18th February 2018. I started talking to myself. It was 6 o clock in the morning.

So, how are you feeling Tarun? I asked.

Without giving any concrete answer, I said, something is changing. I won’t remain same by tonight as here I am right now.

I was into deep thinking, meanwhile I realized The Sun has arisen. I can see sunlight falling on the road and people passing by didn’t even bother about it. Why so??? It’s because of their routine. People are used to it and miss the beautiful morning.

For me, the sun is born every day and dies in the evening.. Bit childish but true. That’s why I always love sun rises. Don’t know why I am telling this but I got my concrete answer now. I smiled and started discussing whole day schedule with my father. 😊

As soon as the Day passed. Few wonderful friends arrived in the wedding 💒.

Shashank – Riya, the beautiful couple.

Atul – Nidhi, the wonderful jodi.

These are my college buddies.

And my company gang. (Vini the cheerful lady, Sam the nakhre wali, Bitthu the man of words, Amit the Monk, Sagar the unusual friend , Dubey ji the friend with father figure.

They all made it on very short notice.

Thank you so much Friends. 😊 You have special place in my heart ♥. Love you. 😊

You all are stunning and have added glamour to my wedding 💒 and I truly say. You ROCK 🤘. With my traditional pose you know what I mean. 😎

I just don’t want to describe anymore as pictures speak louder than words.

Eyes are the windows of the Soul

There are few glimpses of characters of this story.

This might be the end of story, however I take it as beginning of next beautiful chapter. 😊
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