her Diary!!!

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Everyone would have heard the story during their childhood titled,

Hidden Treasure!!!

That time I didn’t understand the real meaning of it.

Now, I realised when I found her Diary.

It was a weekend. So, I was on a mission to tidy up my home. I was all alone and had a lot to achieve.

So, I planned each and everything step by step and started executing it.

I started with brooming, moping and rearranging other stuffs.

First of all, I just wanna tell you that doing household chores isn’t easy thing. That too requires skills to do the job in right way.

Anyways, I did all that. Then thought of bit relaxing.

After 15 minutes, when dusting has done. I thought to rearranging the almirah and all the clothes.

I have started taking out all the clothes one by one and putting them on the bed so that I can pick that up easily and put it back exactly where they are.

When it’s about to empty I felt something under the newspaper. It’s a book, I made wild guess. Out of curiosity I picked that newspaper up and saw…

Ohh!!! It’s a diary!!!

It’s her Diary!!! I said surprisingly.

Why it’s hidden here?

What’s in there?

Why she didn’t tell me about it?

Why she kept it here under newspaper?

Being clueless what it holds.

I took it in my hand and just opened it.

This is what it’s first page…

Amazing!!! Superb!!! Excellent!!!

This is what I discovered about her.

It’s collection of few poetries from her childhood.

There are cartoon stickers attached to each and every page.

What a delightful gift this is.

I thought wonderfully.

and I started reading it now and will not tell her that I found it.

I Smile… 😊

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