7⃣ B&W Photos Challenge!!! Day 1

This is my first post for the challenge of ‘Seven Black and White Photos Challenge’. The rules for this challenge are: post seven black and white captured pictures that are related to your life; they ought to be devoid of people; should be unaccompanied by explanation (so that the viewer can interpret the meaning). I... Continue Reading →

Hungry Soul!!!

Hunger??? Seems big word??? Nahhh!!! If you are hungry, it might not be that big, however you have resources to fulfill your needs and kill the hunger. If somebody in front of you, starving. You still have resources to fulfill their needs and have the capabilities to tackle the situations. What if your soul is... Continue Reading →

A Date on a Phone 📱 the Dilemma!!!

📝Chapter 5⃣ the Dilemma begins... Dilemma??? Ohh yes, something might have happened in your life as well where you find such kind of situations and still try to figure out the way out of it. That's called Dilemma. This always hold two ✌ things together, they can be anything, either ✌ best things or ✌... Continue Reading →


Yes, you read it right!!! It's an untitled blog today, which is not related to you, your thoughts, your ideas, your life, your world, your perspectives, your status, your stories and yourself. AND, it's about me neither. The name says it all, sometimes we should celebrate being an untitled human. If people are able to... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award!!!

It's been almost two months, I have been writing. Quite a short journey till now and got a chance to know some brilliant writers, poets, thinkers. You guys are awesome, keep going. Thanks to Mrinalika Hash Tag The Writings and Shivani Shivani blog for recognizing my efforts and surprised me with Liebster Award Nomination on... Continue Reading →

What Do You See?

Most probable answers would be "Dew drops", "Leaf", "Greenery", "Tree" and "Grass". Few would think deeply about it and come out as Nature Lover, Morning time, Explorer,Wanderlust. Few would dig down deep into the heart and feel the emotions and say it's Peaceful, Serene, Tranquil, Photogenic. This classifies a Life. The beauty of life is,... Continue Reading →

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