Liebster Award!!!

It's been almost two months, I have been writing. Quite a short journey till now and got a chance to know some brilliant writers, poets, thinkers. You guys are awesome, keep going. Thanks to Mrinalika Hash Tag The Writings and Shivani Shivani blog for recognizing my efforts and surprised me with Liebster Award Nomination on... Continue Reading →

What Do You See?

Most probable answers would be "Dew drops", "Leaf", "Greenery", "Tree" and "Grass". Few would think deeply about it and come out as Nature Lover, Morning time, Explorer,Wanderlust. Few would dig down deep into the heart and feel the emotions and say it's Peaceful, Serene, Tranquil, Photogenic. This classifies a Life. The beauty of life is,... Continue Reading →

Beauty lies with in…

There is a saying that "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". I totally agree with this statement, as pragmatically we also observe that in our daily life. There are many things which we see and appreciate in our own way but it might not be the same emotions with the other person. They... Continue Reading →

False Bravado!!!

Bravado ? Everyone of us have a part of it hidden inside, few people are too good to show, few are not. Yes, it's a false show of courage, which we show to the world everyday, because that's the advisable thing to do nowadays. If we can't, there are lots of people out there to... Continue Reading →

Shadow, a dark side…

Shadow, have you observed your shadow ever ? How does it look ? a dark one, I think. So, are we dark from inside which is reflected on our shadow ? or is it light which absorbs the brightness inside us and throw the remaining darkness outside ? Shadow grows & shrinks based upon the... Continue Reading →

I Love You…is that enough ?

It was a month of February, titled as a month of love, hugs and kisses, it's a month to express our love and create love bonds if any. It's called a season of Love, when all love birds get chance to meet and celebrate their bonding and their togetherness. Somewhere in the middle of the... Continue Reading →

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