Free Yourself !!!

Let yourself allow to become free today!!! At least, for 10 minutes a day, not that difficult. I have managed to do it now everyday. Free from what ? Free for whom ? What will we do during that time ? Any important talk ? Any important task ? Any important discussion ? Yes, You... Continue Reading →

Look at me, A Note…

Dear Mom and Dad, Your son here, asking you to look at me! why? Yes, I truly felt now that you are really worried about me, about my life, about my ups and downs, about my career, about my heart, about my pain,about your child, about your only son. I know you are feeling so... Continue Reading →

Road, with no end…

Road, everyone of us walk on the road, drive on the road, ride on the road, sometimes play on the road. When you say, you know the road. What exactly it means ? Road to your home, road to your office, road to your school, road to your college, road to the place you would... Continue Reading →

Leaf 🍃!!!

Why do you throw me out ? A broken leaf asked to its tree. Because your time was over, replied the tree rudely. Leaf: How do you decide that ? You don't even bother to ask me ? Tree: I am the one who give you a life so I have the prerogative to remove... Continue Reading →

Balloons, Air on sale!!!

Balloons 🎈🎈 🎈 ? Carry more value when inflated. What kind of value is this ? Is this value of balloon ? Or is this the value of air ? Or is this valuable when both come together, A balloon and the Air. Alone they have no value, together they have at least some value.... Continue Reading →

Childhood Regained!!!

It's 5.30am in the wintry morning, my dad woke me up and asked, don't you want to go to your tuition class ? Get up son, he raised his voice and went to kitchen and started making tea for both of us. Yes, this was daily routine for two of us as he had a... Continue Reading →

Blessings, on the Road!!!

Traffic Signal just turning from yellow to red, suddenly I noticed and stopped my bike just on the crossing line of the road. Many of us might think it won't last for less than a minute, still trying to get out of lane and struggles, but many of other people out there, starts their life... Continue Reading →

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