Childhood Regained!!!

It’s 5.30am in the wintry morning, my dad woke me up and asked, don’t you want to go to your tuition class ?

Get up son, he raised his voice and went to kitchen and started making tea for both of us. Yes, this was daily routine for two of us as he had a habit of waking up early, and I had to go to my tuition class except Sundays, yeah, this kind of routine every 90s kids used to have, so boring right ? so we didn’t bother anyone in the home and do our stuffs.

Today, you go by yourself, I won’t drop you off, take your bicycle 🚲, he said after having a sip of Tea.

Bicycle ? Are you sure ? Can I ? seriously ? But.. Mom! ?

Yes, that was my new bicycle, we had bought recently after getting good marks in the exam, but I was learning so I was not allowed to go out alone, my MOM declared that “Never go out alone with this bicycle”. So I never dared to go out, She loves me a lot therefore put this condition so that I would be safe. However I didn’t like that being a rebellion child. Everyone does that.

Maa ka pyar, Mother’s love. I can understand this now. 😊

Don’t worry, she is asleep now, I will take care of her, my dad smiled and said. You are greatest dad in the world, I said amusingly. Please bring bicycle out so that I can leave for my class, I asked him. He did that so gradually and secretly as no one could hear us, and told me with his heavy toned voice “Be Careful” and let me go.

Yey… Yey…

That was my first ride ever alone, it was wintry weather so I was amazingly enjoying my ride and roads were empty so I thought, I can show some stunts to this Big World out there. Look at me, here comes the RIDER, being childish I was confidently telling to myself and riding. It took me 10 minutes to reach the class and the moment I got in, I told to all my friends about it, they were amazed too. We need a ride after the class, my friends asked. I nodded quickly. I couldn’t concentrate on the class as I was already planning about my way back to home.

That’s how a Rider should think. 😊

Few memories keep you ALIVE

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