the Rain !!! It tickles me.

Rain, many of us love when it rains, many of us don’t.

What do you call the smell of rain ?

It’s called “petrichor”. I didn’t know this as well, just out of curiosity I googled it and found out, it’s a greek word.

I love walking in the rain and it’s petrichor when it rains first time after a long dry spell. I always love getting wet in the first rain, it tickles my heart, I feel every raindrops on my face, it soothes me.

Now, it’s almost an end to monsoon season, and no sign of rain since last two weeks so I thought rainy season ended.


Last night, it was raining ☔, I was amused and thought it might be a last rain for this season so why not to go out for a walk.

It was 10.45 pm, I put my hoodie on, and got out of my room without my mobile.

It was dark outside, why road lights were not working, I asked myself and had a thought of taking a torch with me. No, it’s okay, I convinced myself and started walking.

I can’t tell you about my feelings but yes, it was surreal experience. I was totally wet, my both hands were in my pockets and able to hear the music that rain played along with every little steps I took.

When no one walks with you, Walk Alone.

Just across the street from my home, here I found my partner, a cute little puppy, roaming around. I thought, he might have lost and tried to put him on safe place.

No, that was not the case. He was running away from me, Actually I have a fear of dogs, but it’s a puppy so couldn’t resist myself to help. I followed him and after a short chase here it is, he found his friends and his family, he was not even looking at me, I smiled and took way back to my home.

On a happy note, I came home and made hot strong coffee for me and relaxed.

2 thoughts on “the Rain !!! It tickles me.

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  1. Oh, I love rain.
    It adds to the atmosphere when I sit by the window and read (or write).
    It is also so energizing in spring, when it wakes the beautiful flowers and helps them grow.
    But I don’t really like it when I am out walking and actually going somewhere and I am not prepared for rain. Then it just irritates me, because my shoes will soak through and I will have to stay in those damp socks for x amount of hours.

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