11.00 PM!!!

#fiction #11pm #relationship #longdistance What time is it ? All of a sudden, I got the attention of the beautiful night. Ohh!!! It's 11.00 pm, I answered my question by looking at the watch. Still confused 😕 or still unaware of what just happened. I still have 1 hour to go. It's her birthday tonight... Continue Reading →

A Date on a Phone 📱 the Meeting!!!

📝Chapter 8⃣ After all conversations, all decisions, friendship, bonding and relationship and all considerable facts, here we come to a point where we should meet. Right? Are we meeting now??? No No.. It's not about our meeting after all that has happened till now. This is about our parents meeting now. The final decision maker... Continue Reading →

Parzania…Heaven OR Hell!!!

Heaven and Hell on the Earth 🌎. This would be literal meaning of the word "Parzania" . But do we know where is this world??? How can we go there??? Can we find it on the map??? Would it be so beautiful??? Would it be so ugly??? How can everyone get into the Parzania. Parzania... Continue Reading →

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