Resolutions!!! the old ones.

It’s been exactly 30 days now, new year has already began. So

Belated Happy New Year.

Still feeling fresh??? Still feeling new??? Still feeling enthusiastic??? Still feeling energetic???

Yes??? Or No???

How many of you will take resolutions every year???

How many of you will definitely forget these just after a month???

How many of you will manage to get at least closer to it???

How many of you will actually achieve???

I do it every year. How’s my success rate??? Wanna know?.

Not that good. Don’t wanna go in details. It’s shameful. Yes it is. I am accepting it. That’s the truth. Not up to the mark. Very bad. Very Sad. Nothing to cherish.

Every Day, Every Year, Every moment counts. Every time we make list 📃 and remain enthusiastic for a month and then as usual our routine follows.

Stop Procrastinating.

Yes, this is for me. I do that a lot. When I start retrospecting. I found myself guilty. So if I am guilty then I should be punished??? Right???

Sometimes, if we already know there is no punishment, we keep doing same mistakes. Isn’t it?

During our childhood, how we were able to do stuffs we didn’t even like. That was because of fear and punishment from teachers, elders and parents.

So what’s the problem now?

Now, We are asked to do things which we like the most. Still we are not considering anything serious. Just doing our routine work, routine enjoyment, routine stuffs even we are getting bored of it.

1. Awaiting execution of plans without any action.

2. Killing time with unnecessary stuffs.

3. Following daily routines without enjoyment.

Where are we heading???

To be frank, I am bored of doing all this repetitive stuffs. I have done that a lot so not regretting missing any of those. However just don’t want to repeat it. It’s like writing same story on same page again and again.

What would you do if you are reading a chapter since very long time and could not finish it??? Would you turn next chapter without finishing the previous one?

My Answer is No. Because it doesn’t make any sense, or does it? Probably if that doesn’t interest you then you might.

Likewise, don’t consider this new year as a new chapter and start reading with fresh page 📄. You won’t enjoy it, Just hold, wait, think then conclude. First finish previous resolutions if taken, then only come to the next chapter.

And if you are adamant enough to start new chapter, then tear the previous page and rewrite on new one. That will trigger hope inside you.

I hope you understood the analogy. 😊

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