11.00 PM!!!

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What time is it ? All of a sudden, I got the attention of the beautiful night.

Ohh!!! It’s 11.00 pm, I answered my question by looking at the watch. Still confused 😕 or still unaware of what just happened.

I still have 1 hour to go. It’s her birthday tonight at 🕛 🎂. So I need to keep chatting with her. She should not fall asleep. I have to make sure of that.

Hiee, what’s up. I texted most boring question to her.

I am under my blanket. She responded pleasantly.

Why? I asked mischievously.

Why do anyone get under the blanket. STUPID ??? She responded with smile.

I don’t know. As I don’t have blanket here with me. I said.

Ohh poor boy, she replied sympathetically. Don’t worry, I will gift you one blanket. She amusingly said.

Ohh really, so nice of you. I sent text with smiley ☺.

What do you need? I asked in return.

Lots of chocolates, she responded immediately.

Ohh that’s it, it’s nothing for me, showing off my capabilities. I responded.

Then why haven’t you given me yet??? Not even single chocolate 🍫. She wrote sadly.

Oh Dear, this time I won’t forget. I promise. Even if you won’t drop by at my home, I will come at your place and give you. I responded confidently.

Aww, So sweet of you. I am awaiting then. She wrote promisingly.

BTW when are you coming back to home, she continued.

During winter vacation, I said.

Wow, My vacation will also start on same time, then will have enough time to spend with each other and finally we are gonna meet. She texted overwhelmingly.

Definitely, I texted back 🔙.

Clock has started ticking. I can hear every tickings. Even I could literally count.

There was no texting for at least couple of minutes. We both were paused. There was pure silence.

1 minute to go. I checked clock precisely.

Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick…

Here I go.

Happy Birthday Dear. 🎂

Here she goes.

Happy Birthday Dear. 🎂

Both wished each other as our birthday falls on same date. 😊

Every moment carries hidden surprises, we just have to open our heart ♥ and cherish them.

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