Parzania…Heaven OR Hell!!!

Heaven and Hell on the Earth 🌎.

This would be literal meaning of the word “Parzania” . But do we know where is this world??? How can we go there??? Can we find it on the map??? Would it be so beautiful??? Would it be so ugly??? How can everyone get into the Parzania.

Parzania is fairytale world created by a boy named “Parzan”.

Parzan thinks, there is a beautiful world out there where everything is so perfect and surrounded by happiness and he can get whatever he wants. He describes it so well even his school friends want to come in the parzania. He has defined few rules those to be followed by everybody who lives in the Parzania. So he has become the owner of the parzania.

Parzania is a place where we all live together, for few of us, it might be heaven or might be hell. It’s up to you what you want this place to be.

Like every coin has two sides. Both sides are not visible at the same time. Every side has its own value, it’s own importance, it’s own identity. It is different. It is meant to be different, then only the coin holds the value in it.

Parzania exists in the world 🗺. No, it’s not on the map 🗺. You can’t locate this place. You can’t even find its coordinates. It’s around us. It changes every day, month and year.

Whenever we are surrounded by happiness, laughter, joy, zeal, hope and smiles. We think it’s a heaven.

Whenever we are surrounded by sadness, unhappiness, boredom, jealousy, greed and regrets. We think it’s a hell.

So we have to decide what to choose and where to go. We have to make Parzan believe that his world exists. He is dreaming of this world eagerly. He is growing up thinking about this. As soon as he becomes mature, he will understand more about the real Parzania.

Parzania… Welcomes You.

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  1. Can you please tell me is this a real word or just a made up word derived from the character name ‘ Parzan ‘ ?
    I can’t seem to find the origin of this word,

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