A Solo Trip!!! Search of a Soul.

Many of us might be wondering, why do people go on solo trip??? Do they really enjoy??? Do they really like??? Do they really wish???


Is it just a cool thing to do??? Is it just to follow the trends??? Is it just to add adventurous trip to your bucket list???

Quite possible, As I support both paradigms. Sometimes we have to deliberately fill the bucket up so that there is a chance, either to enjoy with bucket list or once it’s fulfilled we can go for the new bucket. This should go on. What I believe is, we should not restrict ourselves to countable list 📃 which can be achievable. Of course first priority must be to fulfill first bucket then go for the next one.

Hunt or Hunger must go on…

Considering all the aspects in place, I have decided to go solo finally 🎉. Yes, it never happened to me. It’s the first time I planned and executing as well.

GOA it is… 😊

It’s very reasonable to conclude why would I choose Goa for the first place. If you are trying it for the first time, you should choose the place you love the most. After all it’s all about LOVE that matters.

Mountain OR Ocean.???

I love both, but you can’t love two things equally, if you say so.. You are lying. 😎 those would be conditional then. So between these two I chose the latter one.

Search of a Soul??? Actually I want to strike out the “SOUL” word and replace it with the “UNKNOWN”. Because Soul becomes a fancy word nowadays and those who are seeking for it, confined in the prejudices…

Search of the UNKNOWN. Isn’t it cool???

No, I am not lost, I hear unknown voices “the one who lost, Seeks”.

Doesn’t matter other’s opinions.. As I am at sea shore now and waves are supporting me to crush all the opinions that don’t even count. 😊

I am here to know myself even better. It’s an introspection session with myself. It’s time to leave my previous version behind and come out with the newer version. It will totally transformed me with freshness and newness.

I think everyone should do this session every year to get your upgraded version like you do with your gadgets.

It’s time for your upgrade. Be ready, Be prepared. BE YOU.

T@ROON Rebooted…

T@ROON Upgrading…Please Wait 😊

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