Balloons, Air on sale!!!

Balloons 🎈🎈 🎈 ? Carry more value when inflated.

What kind of value is this ? Is this value of balloon ? Or is this the value of air ? Or is this valuable when both come together, A balloon and the Air.

Alone they have no value, together they have at least some value.

That’s why, it’s not the balloon which people buy, it’s the air inside, people pay for. Air brings out the actual shape of the balloon 🎈.

Likewise, our life could also be the same, it has its own shape, it’s own edge, it’s own identity, it’s own world. However eventually it also needs something which brings out the actual meaning of life.

In case of balloon, it is the Air, the invisible thing,which adds meaning to balloon’s life.

Same phenomenon applies for us too. That something is invisible to us, it’s roaming around us, it’s nearby us and calling us to be with it and it’s ready to add meaning to our lives. It’s already prepared to shape our lives.

But how ?

We just have to realize, We just have to feel, We just have to listen, We just have to look at.

The moment you find out, you carry at least some value, you getting the shape of your life. You feel inflated like a balloon🎈.

If you can’t find out, no worries. There is an other side of it as well.

If you can’t be the balloon at least be the air.

So, I think, World is the Balloon and you are the Air, Just Be in the world, the world needs YOU!!!

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