Look at me, A Note…

Dear Mom and Dad,

Your son here, asking you to look at me! why?

Yes, I truly felt now that you are really worried about me, about my life, about my ups and downs, about my career, about my heart, about my pain,about your child, about your only son.

I know you are feeling so sad, unhappy and down about what you hear everyday about me, the society is hammering you with all the questions and their judgemental answers, I can feel your low tone voice while talking to you, I can feel what’s going in your heart and head all the day and night.

I know, you have spent whole life with this society so you feel you are answerable to them, you have obligations towards this society, what they are saying is quite happening now, I know this is bothering you a lot.

You don’t have to look at the society now.

So, I asked you to look at me ?

Yes, you have to look into my eyes, they are not wet yet, they still dry and cold, they still tearless, they still carrying spark,happiness and love and still remain pure, they still looking at you.

I know saying all that is easy for me but you don’t think that way, you don’t look that way, you don’t feel that way, the way I see this world.

You don’t exist because of society, society exists because of you.

I promise, you will be alright, it’s just a matter of time. You have to be strong as you were when I was a child, you were my best friend, you were always with me unconditionally. Just remember, I exist because of YOU!!!

The best thing about time is, it passes !!! ~unknown

4 thoughts on “Look at me, A Note…

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  1. Hey buddy, I can feel the motive behind this blog. They way you narrated it ,is just overwhelming.
    All the best and remember life is all about tears and laughs.

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