Road, with no end…

Road, everyone of us walk on the road, drive on the road, ride on the road, sometimes play on the road.

When you say, you know the road. What exactly it means ?

Road to your home, road to your office, road to your school, road to your college, road to the place you would like to go OR even if you don’t know, you seek, you search, you find out, you ask, you look at map.

These are few known or unknown roads you come across, have some limits.

No, these are not the actual limits of the road, it’s the limit, you put on yourself.

Yes, you decide, you choose the route which takes you to the destination.

That’s the road to the Life. We call it a journey. It’s captured in the defined Limit.

Actual Road has no limits, no boundaries, no barriers, ultimately no end…

They are endless, limitless.

Life is also like a Road, an endless journey which has no destination.

It is us, who put the limits on life, we decide the route, we look at the map, we choose the destination, we take the turn, we complete the journey.

It’s not the Road which ends, it’s our journey meets with destiny.

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