Blessings, on the Road!!!

Traffic Signal just turning from yellow to red, suddenly I noticed and stopped my bike just on the crossing line of the road.

Many of us might think it won’t last for less than a minute, still trying to get out of lane and struggles, but many of other people out there, starts their life or starts the day when signal turned red.

It’s 9.30am, I am on the way to my office, thinking about few things that matters to me.

I see a guy walking to everyone at the signal, asking for money, and few people are giving him too.


Because they belong to TG category of human kind. The LGBT ones. I don’t know people give money because they are afraid of them or they think, in return they will get true blessings, which is lacking currently in our society. So he sells true blessings on the road, I can say.

He came to me touched my chin and moving his index finger towards my cheek and pulled them, looking at the back seat of my bike, said gently.

“Piche baithu kya??” (should I seat at the back seat of your bike?).

I smiled and said “ha baith jao”, he smiled too and didn’t asked me for money either and left.

Being Amazed by his warmth ness.

Why he didn’t ask me for money, or what did he just do ? What did he just give me ? Was it a blessing ?

A thought lingers in my mind, a person sitting on other bike besides me, said why these people don’t work and earn by themselves ?

He sarcastically commented, signal turned green, we both left from there.

The whole day, I was thinking about that incident and tried to convince myself.

Life is a wrapped gift, not everyone can unwrap it.

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