I,cracked !!! BUT…

Cracked!!! , yes, I did. It just happened again.

How do you see a cracked version of yourself ?

Have you ever seen you in the cracked mirror ?

Yes, it will show the cracked version of you, great things about cracked mirror is, everyone can see their version and when they stand with you they will find themselves cracked too !!!

But this is not the reality, it’s superficial, you put a new mirror and here you are, you can see a complete version again…

Then what does it mean I, Cracked ?

Yes, I cracked from inside ?

Inside, what is inside me ?

Physical part would be a Heart, Spiritual part would be a Soul, Intangible part would be feelings, beliefs, trust and love.

A part of inside me is cracked, broken, scattered. I am a bit afraid now, it will take time, I have started gathering all the broken chips, I might lose a small chip while gathering. It might thrown far away from me, it might not be visible or i can’t hold it anymore in my tiny hands, or I might find all the pieces but couldn’t be able to put exactly where they were.

Yes, I cracked because I couldn’t play a role the way you wanted and i couldn’t love you the way you wanted, that was your mirror in which you wanted me to look alike, that was your fire in which you wanted me to burn.

Yes, I cracked under pressure, no choices left with me. Decision was hard to take, sometimes it’s good to get cracked rather than being unused.


The best part of cracked thing is you get rid of it and there is a slight chance or a choice you may have to meet a newer version of it, it may possible you won’t look similar thing again because it cracked.

Now you might not exactly know what you wanted but you definitely know what you don’t want.

That’s is the beauty lies in the cracked ness.

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