Life Ek Safar !!!

Every time we talk about life, we expect something extraordinary will come and it should be unique and different from others.

Everyone of us travels through their journey of life, we have our own perspective towards life, some organized or unorganized rules to follow.

We create our rules and try to stick to them but sometimes we modify them, erase them, amend them. Because we know deep inside in the heart, Life has its own rules.

So sometimes we heard when people say,

If something happened according to their will, it’s good. If it’s not, then this is life.

What I figured out from life is, I won’t say it’s a beautiful journey or an amazing destiny or its awesome bla bla bla..

I think it’s a whole package filled with so many experiences, ours as well as others. Based on experience we decide our rule of life.

Sometimes we learn from others experiences, and they become our best example to prove our point.

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