Ravana, let him go. Evil never dies.

Today is Dusshera, As per Hindu mythology, it’s a day of celebration in India. A victory of good over evil.

Ravana was a wise man of his own time, however due to his misdeeds and wrongdoings he became infamous king of evil 😈.

Rama was a generous king and he killed Ravana, because he abducted Rama’s wife and from then it’s called a victory of good over evil.

I agree that we should celebrate the victory of good over evil 😈. But are we doing justice to this celebration ? Have we not able to conquered the evil yet ? Why are we still burning 🔥 the same evil over and over again ? Why are we still remembering that evil on this day every year ?

He is dead now, Evil in him has gone now.

I think we should change the evil now, this is the time, we have to start killing the evil which resides in us, not in him.

That’s the reason we can’t get rid of the Evil 😈, we are trying to kill the one which doesn’t exist anymore. We are celebrating, we are enjoying, we are happy to see him get burnt out and say we conquered the evil. That’s not the fact.

Their generation has gone with their kind of evils, so let’s forget him, let’s forgive him, LET HIM GO NOW.

This burning effigy is symbol of the victory of good over evil.

We have our new generation which has power to give birth to their own versions of the evils. We have to create our own effigies and let them burn and see if we really conquer over them or not, time to think, time to change, time to accept the truth.

Let people know that evils are still there, they are not gone, we have long way to go to win over them.

Few evils are greed, jealousy, ego, deception, cheat, and many more…

We have to win over them now, it’s the battle with yourself not with anyone, let that evil burn, let those release from within you. Let them know that world can survive without them, let them don’t allow to stay longer.

Evils never die, they transform, they evolve, they reborn, they are hidden within us.

The only way to take over them is to keep the shadow of goodness with you.

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