Flight Mode On…

Yes, you heard it right, I am taking off. Off to where ?

Off to nowhere…

Just kidding, I am heading back to Pune city where I stay. I was at my hometown for few days on a break.

Flight time is 9.20pm, I checked in, cleared the security check, everything is fine, as soon as I got in, Air hostess greeted me, I greeted her back and smiled and I got my seat, it’s 9A, window seat. 😊

Before I got settled, I heard an announcement about safety briefings during flight, I noticed and started listening. After completion of safety briefings, something struck in my head. I can correlate it with life.

Few lessons, I just learnt. Basic things about life.

Fasten your seat belt.

Release it when instructed.

Use oxygen mask when required.

Help yourself first before you help others.

Use life jackets, in case of emergency landing on water, that too blow the air inside the jackets by yourself.

Use emergency exits in case of emergency.

Keep your mobile on flight mode!!!

That’s it, it’s not a big deal. Everyone can do this, I said to myself.

Then I thought 💭, it’s not the safety briefings about flight journeys only. It applies to our life too.

Life also comes with its own safety manuals, sometimes we follow sometimes we don’t.

Likewise, tighten the seat belt of your life, when you know that, it’s not in your control anymore, let the pilot do rest of the work. You just sit back and watch the show.

Release the belt: loosen the grip on your life when you think is your action time.

Use oxygen mask: take care of yourself first then only you can able to make difference in others Life. To change the world or to do something accountable, you have to be at least alive.

Emergency : we should also have life vests or emergency exits in life as well, sometimes life doesn’t go according to our plan, so be ready with alternatives.

Flight mode: When you feel, nothing is right or not going well. Just go on flight mode, disconnect with the world for sometimes and rediscover your own world.

Just remember if plan A fails, there are 26 letters in alphabet. 😊

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