Blessings, on the Road!!!

Traffic Signal just turning from yellow to red, suddenly I noticed and stopped my bike just on the crossing line of the road. Many of us might think it won't last for less than a minute, still trying to get out of lane and struggles, but many of other people out there, starts their life... Continue Reading →

I,cracked !!! BUT…

Cracked!!! , yes, I did. It just happened again. How do you see a cracked version of yourself ? Have you ever seen you in the cracked mirror ? Yes, it will show the cracked version of you, great things about cracked mirror is, everyone can see their version and when they stand with you... Continue Reading →

Life Ek Safar !!!

Every time we talk about life, we expect something extraordinary will come and it should be unique and different from others. Everyone of us travels through their journey of life, we have our own perspective towards life, some organized or unorganized rules to follow. We create our rules and try to stick to them but... Continue Reading →

the UNKNOWN !!!

Have you ever been in to a kind of situation where you are surrounded by a strangeness ? or unknownness ? I don’t know why this is happening to me but yes, something is strange or something has changed. I am not able to figure it out. An Unknown intoxication is gripping my heart. OR..,... Continue Reading →

Murky, A clear view !!!

Just woke up ? I don’t know what happened, it might be something in my dream.. A nightmare ??? Ahh, I couldn’t remember though. Double tapped on my mobile screen, it’s 2.38 AM. A notification is popping up “Alarm @ 5.30 AM”. Oh dear lord, what do I do now. Long silence 🔕 I got... Continue Reading →

Heart Ek Dhadkan !!!

Heart, ever felt it’s beat? Yes, I felt it, those moments come in our life when we hear a beat coming down from the heart. It could be anything : Your first love story, your remarkable achievement, your most adventurous trip or any eureka moment which struck to your heart when it happens. “Kahte hai... Continue Reading →

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