A Girl, who chases the Bus!!!

“Stop the Bus” I shouted sitting in the front of the bus !!! Driver heard my voice and quickly pushed his foot down on the brake, bus slows down and halts.

What Happened ? He asked.

She is coming, She is coming. I told him.

I saw her waving and running through our bus window.

Here, she got into the Bus. We both looked at each other, she smiled and said “Thank you”. I smiled too.

We have already met a month ago, it was her first day at office, she was standing near by bus stop anxiously with her sister, I just reached to the same bus stop where I catch the bus daily.

She looked at my I-Card, and asked are you from Barclay’s ? I nodded quickly.

What time bus arrives at ? She asked, it’s always late, the timing given in the bus routine are quite early, always consider 15 mins buffer, I explained her in detail as I was going with the same bus since last two weeks.

She was relieved and said “Thank God, then I have enough time to catch the bus” ending her sentence, she asked her sister to leave and said goodbye to her.

After few moments of silence, we started talking. We introduced each other. Then got to know one interesting fact, she was from the same organization where I worked and left now. We both smiled and bus came, we got into the Bus, she occupied the front seat and I went back and sat there.

Quite a pleasant day, I said amazingly.

The reason I am writing about her is the way she chases the Bus on regular basis, Even though she has 15 minutes buffer time to catch the bus, she regularly does the super chase on her super bike “Activa” with her super younger sister who comes with her to take super bike back with her after dropping her off.

Today, it happened again and I saw super thrilled chase again, I smiled when she caught the Bus and there it struck in my mind to write about her.

Never stop chasing whatever you want in your life !!! Until you get it.

That’s the simple yet beautiful inspirational message I learn from her.

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