the UNKNOWN !!!

Have you ever been in to a kind of situation where you are surrounded by a strangeness ? or unknownness ?

I don’t know why this is happening to me but yes, something is strange or something has changed. I am not able to figure it out.

An Unknown intoxication is gripping my heart.

OR.., it might happen that :-

I have started looking at things differently. I can feel this change, I am the part of this phase.

My heart beats functioning normally, my mind is also thinking straight, I am running after something which I don’t know or even exists.

“The Unknown Phase”

The beauty of unknown is yet to come, it’s not defined. You can’t confine it either. It goes forever like this. It’s like a chain of events which are about to happen without any reason, without any chance, without any plan. But they do happen.

Yes, I am going through this phase of total unknown ness now. I am trying to connect the dots but not going exactly where I have started, I am missing few dots probably. They aren’t visible to me, they might be covered by the UNKNOWN.

However good thing about it is, that I am aware of the unknown and can feel the strangeness too. it’s riding and floating along with me, and I am enjoying every bit out of it. I am counting every steps taken in the journey.

A journey which takes you nowhere is called a journey with the UNKNOWN.

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