Turning Single, A bright side!!!

Well, it’s not about turning 30, 40 or 50, because I still have couple of years to reach there 🙂

Yes, it’s true. I am not saying I am single yet, but I am turning into it.

When you never had a relationship then you are quoted as “Single” or even if you never expressed your feelings still you are titled as “Single”.

Because being in a relationship, you need other end to reciprocate.

But what if I say “turning single” ?

First of all it’s a phase, not a status.

“turning single” also needs other end to reciprocate.

It’s not about your breakups, patch ups, rejections, acceptances.

Come on, come out of the only phrase called “Relationship Status”.

What I think about turning single is when you get disconnected or disengaged or more refine word would be ‘detach’ from the other end.

Other end ? What’s that ?

Other end, it’s a phase or a journey between the way you were born and the way you have become now. You have not remained same the way you born.

Because you are adapting almost everything.

Let’s say, now if someone started smoking, it means he has adapted a part of it, he was not born with it. He is in relationship with smoking, this is the “OTHER END” I am talking about, So what I mean here is, if you are getting detached with smoking then you are turning single as simple as that. Detachment is not quitting, being detached is a phase and quitting is a state. So better be in the phase rather than being in a idle state.

“Learn to unlearn!!!”

So, Turning Single is all about, to get detach from your vices, your belief systems, your unfulfilled desires, your worries, your mistakes, your defeat, your ego, your success, your pride, your respect, then only you can find a true self , one self and a step closer to it, “YOURSELF”.

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