Hope Ek Ummed

HOPE, everything happens for a reason and obviously that reason should be “good”.

This is the way to live our life happily, it gives a hope that tomorrow will bring something good to you.

Anyways we can’t justify it either, if something bad happens, you must accept it and move on, don’t try to give you a false hope that somewhere it is good for you or there might be a reason this happened.

Some philosopher believes that, if something is wrong then it can’t happen to humankind. They have trust in nature or in universal law that it works right for everyone. It brings the world in harmony so how bad thing can happen to anyone.

So bad things don’t exist, if something is wrong it’s not gonna happen concludes many philosophies.

That’s how philosophical world exists, they don’t have certified rules or regulations, however they go with hand in hand with human and nature, that’s how they derive what human nature is all about and how it works.

I will call it “Illusion of Reality”.

Reality, we don’t know about its existence but somehow somewhere we believe whatever is happening to us is governed by someone or some universal law and one fine day everything will be alright.

A ray of hope, is something which we have known for while ago and make ourselves believe in that, LIFE goes on.

Change is the only permanent thing in the world, so if bad is happening accept it, good will follow.

Light is the only reality and darkness is illusion, darkness survives because of absence of light.

So, try to figure out light in your life and in your heart that is the only reality.

Others are mere Illusion.

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