Love Ek Junoon!!!

Love, when we heard this word, we start creating a fairytale world where everything is so perfect, flawless, unadulterated.

Love is not always magical and also doesn’t give butterflies in our stomach every time.

At first, it erupts like volcano and then subsides.

Everyone around us are begging for love, they want, it should happen to them or they should fall into it.

Nobody cares about giving love nowadays, if someone tries to give that’s also half hearted. They expect love in return, they expect their version of love.

Yeah, I think there are so many versions of love. Everyone has created their own version whatever it may be, it could be what they read, it could be what they watch, it could be what they feel, it could be what they think is correct version of love.

However it’s not, the moment we create any image or any picture of our love should carry, it fails right away.

Try to accept love in its own version, try to accept the way you are getting it. It might be what you don’t want or you have never thought of.

Let it be a surprise, let it have its freedom, let it flow in the air, let it be felt in our heart.

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