Love Ek Junoon!!!

Love, when we heard this word, we start creating a fairytale world where everything is so perfect, flawless, unadulterated. Love is not always magical and also doesn’t give butterflies in our stomach every time. At first, it erupts like volcano and then subsides. Everyone around us are begging for love, they want, it should happen... Continue Reading →

Marriage Ek Bandhan!!!

Nowadays what comes in our mind when we heard the word “Marriage”. Bandhan means A Bond which sometimes we choose to be in or sometimes society wants us to be in. Bond with Love and Bond with arrangement. These are just two perspectives which we make ourselves to believe in. As per my experience, I... Continue Reading →

Family Ek Rishta!!!

Family, a small world where we grow and live together with a special bond sometimes called unconditional or conditional. It’s a dor means a thread which keep you tied up with each other. Father, a man who shields and stand like a rock to protect his family. Mother, a woman who filled our empty heart... Continue Reading →

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