Family Ek Rishta!!!

Family, a small world where we grow and live together with a special bond sometimes called unconditional or conditional.

It’s a dor means a thread which keep you tied up with each other.

Father, a man who shields and stand like a rock to protect his family.

Mother, a woman who filled our empty heart with her love unconditionally.

Sister, a woman who supports and share her most significant time with her family before she leaves after her marriage. There also she creates a small world altogether. She is an architect of creating house to home.

Brother, a man who holds a hand whenever in need.

This is called a small fairytale world we live during our childhood.

When we grow up and turns adults then sometimes that unconditional love bother you because it takes away your freedom to live life with your friends with your terms and conditions.

The only two persons remain same throughout your life journey, The Father and The Mother, they can feel your aggression and your rebellion nature.

They still try to keep you safe and tied up with the same thread which they have created.

Don’t leave your parents ever in any conditions or situations in your life.

They don’t give up on you because you think it’s their duty, you can give up on them because it’s not your duty.

That’s where you stand in the same vicious circle of life.

River flows down, it’s the nature of river same as you receive love from your parents, what makes difference in you, is you give love to your parents. That’s the opposite of your nature. That is difficult thing to do.

When you do it against the nature, life rewards you with more love, more happiness, joy, and surprise you in a way you have never thought of.

Keep your small world tie with each other with love bond.

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