Freedom Ek Aazadi!!!

Aazadi, kahte hai Dil aazad hai!!!

Freedom belongs to our heart, might be a great thought to think upon.

Humankind, it blossoms when it’s boundless.

Free from everything, nothing specific.

Freedom does not mean it should not follow any rules, we are living in a free country however we have so many rules to follow to survive in our country.

Political rules, Religious rules, Societal rules, Regional rules, Your rules, My rules.

Is this really true freedom for us?

Can we do whatever we want ?

Can we talk whatever we think ?

Can we follow whatever our heart says ?

Have you ever thought of this question “CAN WE ?”

I think, I know my answers and you know yours as well.

In spite of knowing all that, we call ourselves free, we accept our freedom in whatever way it comes to us.

Those who are not accepting this freedom which are given to them called “Rebel”.

“Be a rebellious flower”

Rebel doesn’t mean to oppose something, it means they live their lives in own terms, they blossom in their own way, they create their own path, they grow the way they want.

They only understood true values of being free, being crazy, being oneself, being lively, being passionate, being creative, being rebel.

That is called true freedom

“Dil se Aazad”

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