God Ek Insaan !!!

“GOD”, a super human or an ordinary man?


An Ordinary Man with super natural power.

As per our mythology, we made to believe in that God is who generates the world, who operates the world, who destroys the world. Hence it became GOD.

Generator, Operator, Destroyer.

They have all the power to do so, hence it creates fear in our heart.

There is saying “we don’t pray to God because we love God, we pray because we have fear of God”.

It is fact now because we have not tried to know about God or about it’s so called power.

We accepted the term God and also accepted his power, and believe that he is omnipresent and omnipotent.

We love stories about their origin, their childhood, their upbringing, their godliness impact on the world.

We believe, because we can’t see it, we can’t feel it.

Now days I am seeing such tradition and rituals to buy a God from market and worship him and ask him for countless happiness.

“Fair Deal with God”

This is one perspective towards God.

I have seen another form as well called a bright side.

God is becoming a reason to meet our people, our families and social gatherings.

Faith, Belief, Trust all come together in the name of God.

I can see few smiling faces, few tears in eyes and love with so many conditions without expecting 100 % return.

Still someone is starving, someone is donating, someone is sharing, someone is giving, someone is begging, someone is hoping.

“Kaash God ek Insaan hi hota, shayad insaan se kabhi mil toh sakta, sirf duaao me naa sahi, haqiqat se bhi rubaru toh hota”

Kaash God ek Insaan hi hota…

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