Heart Ek Dhadkan !!!

Heart, ever felt it’s beat?

Yes, I felt it, those moments come in our life when we hear a beat coming down from the heart.

It could be anything :

Your first love story, your remarkable achievement, your most adventurous trip or any eureka moment which struck to your heart when it happens.

“Kahte hai Dil dhadakta toh roz hai, magar hum sunte tabhi hai jab hume iski jarurat ho”…

There is saying “take decision by your heart because heart know you very well and takes decision right.”

I believe this happens only when our mind is in sync with the heart, because ultimately it’s a calculative move which is taken by us.

Mind alone says “follow the rules”

Heart alone says “follow no rules”

When both work in harmony and they conclude

“create our own rules and follow them”

Ultimately its all about heart,

Have you ever heard about “HUNGER of HEART”

In fact, everyone around us feel the hunger in their lives.

How many hearts have we touched?

How many hearts have we won?

How many hearts have little space for us?

Celebrities, politicians, prominent personalities might not have actual figures, but people like me can count this on finger.

I believe, heart is our private mansion where we create our own world and allow those who we think are worth staying there.

Few people are like tenants, they come, they stay, they enjoy, they love, they care, they feel, they cherish and they leave and pay us with bunch of memories.

I won’t say “unforgettable memories”

Because it’s all depend upon the fragrance which they left behind.

Few people are like heart beats, they skip a beat together, they stay forever, they purchase a part of the mansion with unlimited validity, and we can’t throw them away as well of course we also want them to stay with us forever. It’s a matter of choice.

So keep your mansion open for everyone, let people stay, enjoy, live, love and leave.

“Feel the beat of your heart”

“Bahne do dil ko Dhadkan ki tarah, Mahakne do ghar ko khushbu ki tarah,Khali ho makan ya aahat ho kisi ki,Jeene do dil ko parinde ki tarah…”

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