Beauty lies with in…

There is a saying that “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder“.

I totally agree with this statement, as pragmatically we also observe that in our daily life.

There are many things which we see and appreciate in our own way but it might not be the same emotions with the other person. They might be your family members, close friends, colleagues, roommates, relatives, acquaintances.

Everybody have their own prejudices, they will follow them no matter what other people’s perspectives are. If they can’t produce similar emotions about something, they don’t give a damn. Even if you try hard to persuade them, they might be agree with you superficially, however their emotions wouldn’t be the real.

BEAUTY, it’s a reflection of You“.

Yes, it’s a reflection with in you, when your heart and your senses are connected.

Eyes capture beauty, if it prints or fits on the canvas of your heart properly. Then only it reciprocates with in you and comes out as “it’s Beautiful”.

Likewise all your senses connected to the heart, so it has to accommodate all the inputs from all your senses and produces the perfect fit results only.

Therefore, ask your heart every time you want to see the beauty, it’s not the outside, it can be found with in only. It’s one of the job of the heart ♥. So if you ever confused with beauty of human beings, remember Heart has the answer.

If you can touch someone’s heart ♥ that’s limitless.

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