False Bravado!!!

Bravado ? Everyone of us have a part of it hidden inside, few people are too good to show, few are not.

Yes, it’s a false show of courage, which we show to the world everyday, because that’s the advisable thing to do nowadays. If we can’t, there are lots of people out there to judge you. They will quote you or put a label on you.

Sometimes it’s good to have false bravado, because it encourages you to move on, move forward, move ahead with your life and keep it going.

However if we do so, deep down in your heart you know the truth as well 😊, it’s kind of a situation you keep yourself in, it’s full of emptiness, restlessness, strangeness, weirdness or something which you can not figure out.

If someone is hurt, he carries a smile on the face, this is the first step towards it, it’s a learning phase, an unknown experience, kind of inexplicable. This comes with bit of maturity and good part of this phase is, you can sense it, feel it, acknowledge it and go through it.

You cannot figure out whole story just by looking at someone’s face, it has a depth hidden.

It is happening with me nowadays, something is wrong with me, I can sense it, I can feel it but I cannot avoid it, it keeps coming to me, I know the truth, I can figure it out, it is a false bravado, I am living with. But I have to show that, I have to be quiet, I have to stay strong, I have to hide my own story.

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