Shadow, a dark side…

Shadow, have you observed your shadow ever ?

How does it look ? a dark one, I think.

So, are we dark from inside which is reflected on our shadow ? or is it light which absorbs the brightness inside us and throw the remaining darkness outside ?

Shadow grows & shrinks based upon the brightness.

Brightness and Darkness come together to create a shadow.

So.. What does it mean ?

To create something, we also need to work in harmony. Everything is connected with each other, even our existence works in harmony and keep us alive and goes on moving consistently. It is required for well-being of Humankind.

Humanity wouldn’t survive by its own, it exists because of the HUMAN.

We need to save human first then humanity will take care of it self.

The dark side of humans are getting bigger and stronger and broader. If it continues then bright side of human would subsides. I am not saying to kill darkness to survive brightness. Both sides are quintessential, neither of them should go beyond its own boundaries.

To create perfect shadow, we need perfect shininess. Likewise to create wonderful humanity, we need wonderful humans.

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