I Love You…is that enough ?

It was a month of February, titled as a month of love, hugs and kisses, it’s a month to express our love and create love bonds if any. It’s called a season of Love, when all love birds get chance to meet and celebrate their bonding and their togetherness.

Somewhere in the middle of the night, amidst beautiful conversation, a msg pops up “I Love You“.

No, it wasn’t Valentine’s Day. It’s 20th Feb and almost all love celebration came closer to an end. So this was not expected at all from her. 😊

What Happened ??? The 2nd msg came just after that.

I was surprised and didn’t get any clue what to respond or what to say. I was just wondering and asked myself “Should I reply” ? But what should I say ? How to respond ? Is it too early ? Should I ask for sometime ? Should I first talk to her about it ?

Lots of questions arise in my mind, couldn’t figure it out though, and finally acknowledged with a smiley ☺. What’s that ? she asked. I am not sure about it but thank you for this, I like you so much, I responded.

She was little disappointed and responded back with, “ohh I thought we are talking with each other for quite a good time and I had feelings for you and couldn’t told you on Valentine’s day so told you today as I couldn’t hold it anymore”.

A pause for a while, I continued.

I understand your feelings and respect that you have expressed it, lots of people couldn’t do it because of fear of losing. I also like you and love talking to you but I still not feeling that way so I need time for that.

She acknowledged that with shy smiley. Quite a long silence from both of us, we were not able to at least talk or at least have a little conversation about anything.

What to talk about now ? Probably we both would have been thinking about it.

“Okay, bye Good night take care” , msg came from her, I wished her back too, a conversation ended with bit of tenderness, bit of curiosity, bit of doubt, bit of happiness, bit of smile, bit of sadness, and bit of unanswerable questions.

Every Beginning comes with an End 🔚, it’s all depend on us how long we can keep it going!!!

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