What Do You See?

Most probable answers would be “Dew drops”, “Leaf”, “Greenery”, “Tree” and “Grass“.

Few would think deeply about it and come out as Nature Lover, Morning time, Explorer,Wanderlust.

Few would dig down deep into the heart and feel the emotions and say it’s Peaceful, Serene, Tranquil, Photogenic.

This classifies a Life.

The beauty of life is, “It’s Alive“.

Yes, we usually see all the surroundings and couldn’t see about its aliveness, liveliness, vividness.

Everybody has their own way of living life, a different meaning of life, a different approach towards the life. Sometimes we don’t follow, sometimes others don’t want us to follow, sometimes we are too busy in appreciating surroundings and start procrastinating, sometimes we don’t bother at all, and go with the flow.

Remember one thing, Everything matters just because you are alive. So stop confine yourself and your surroundings and start living the life the way you want it to be.

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